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    Do I really need strategy?
    I would argue that brand strategy is the most critical part of the entire branding process! Without it, the brand design feels empty, and truth be told, it’s less effective. Do you want to attract your target market? Do you want to stand out from your competitors? Do you want to create life-long customers and fans? If you answered “yes” to any of these — you need a strategy. Contact me today and let’s get started!
    Can I just have a logo?
    A compelling, memorable brand requires a whole lot more than a logo. For this reason, I only offer complete branding packages—not “just” logo design.
    Do you offer payment plans?
    I require a 50% payment upfront as a deposit. Your deposit reserves your project with my full-time attention. The final payment is due when the website goes live or after I deliver your Brand Style Guide to you.
    Why does a custom website take so long?
    I will build your website with custom code and a custom theme from the ground up. In addition, a genuinely responsive website takes many adjustments in design and architecture to look its best and retain functionality, especially on mobile. Many templates or DIY websites aren’t responsive, frustrating your customers, and often will be why they skip to your competition.
    I already have a logo, can you just do my website?
    I’m passionate about creating solid, strategic brand identities from scratch. Because I believe in putting strategy behind every brand, we do not work with any existing logos or other brand identity elements, with a few exceptions. All of my web design projects start with in-house brand identity design. Sometimes, I use the current logo as inspiration and a jumping-off point. You will love what I come up with–contact me today and we will get right to work!
    How much input am I allowed to give?
    I like to spend a lot of time before we get started listening and understanding your business and you as a person. And, I believe you should do the same with me. Having mutual respect for our core competencies will be vital as we move through the project. My process allows for your approvals in all significant directions, especially in the branding and strategy phase.
    My website is just basic and doesn’t need all the extras, do you have a smaller package available?
    The more I do this, the more I realize that there isn’t just a “basic” website. After we have our initial discussion, I will better understand the features that will best serve your business. Often, even the things that seem simple require quite a bit of work to optimize and customize. Let’s talk about what I think will really jumpstart your business. Fill out the contact for above and we will get started!
    What if we disagree on direction?
    One of the great things about working with entrepreneurs is that they are the expert in their business. I love learning about what you do and how you do it. Your knowledge about your business is at level ten. My knowledge starts at zero! That’s good because my goal when potential customers arrive at your website or engage with your brand is to help bridge the gap between zero and ten. However, you are the project’s ultimate boss, and I want your 100% buy-in and satisfaction. We will work together until you are thrilled with the results.

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